Considering suspension upgrades for your 4×4? Our specially designed 4WD lift kits will give you your desired lift and ride quality whilst allowing you to maximise the load capacity and performance of your vehicle. Our 4×4 suspension upgrades are built to last so get ready for some off-road fun with suspension upgrades from Port Phillip Automotive.

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As a family-owned mechanic with years of experience in the industry, we provide the best 4WD suspension lift kits that are robust, high quality and long-lasting for ultimate roading satisfaction. Every 4×4 enthusiast craves the suspension experience for different reasons. You may want to customise your vehicle in this way to explore its off-road capabilities, either for recreational purposes, extreme sport or towing. Whatever the reason, Port Phillip Automotive provides the following different types of 4WD lift kits and upgrades:

  • Leaf spring kits
  • Add-a-leaf kit
  • Coil spring kits
  • Extended shackles kits
  • Greasable shackle kits
  • Remote reservoir shock absorber kits
  • Air Bag Man load levelling kits
  • Sway bar kits
  • Adjustable upper control arm kits
  • Adjustable lower control arm kits
  • Diff drop kits
  • Adjustable panhard rods
  • Caster correction kits
  • Torsion bars


Before personalising your 4WD, it’s a good idea to consult with an expert about the benefits of a suspension upgrade. It may not be the right thing for everyone, but for off-road adventure, touring or rectifying load issues, there are some fantastic benefits to consider. Adding a suspension lift kit will allow you to increase the size of your tyres for better traction when driving through trails, sand tracks, or even construction sites. You’ll be able to substantially raise your vehicle’s height for better visibility and higher ground clearance, which is exactly what you need for deep exploration of the outdoors. Keep in mind that 4WD suspension lift kits will affect your road handling and safe operating angles. It will also make your 4×4 much higher, so if it’s used as a family vehicle, make sure that passengers can enter and exit easily.

At Port Phillip Automotive, we have the experience and expertise in dealing with 4WD lift kits to advise you and provide you with reliable, robust suspension upgrades for your off-road enjoyment. Whether it’s for an occasional adventure ride or extreme sports, you’ll be safe with our quality workmanship and world-class materials and tools when installing your lift kits. Our proficient team will beef up your vehicle and boost your confidence to take on those unpredictable roading challenges and you’ll be making your way through creeks, rocky terrains, sand dunes and wet conditions like a pro in no time!



We offer 4WD suspension lift kits to give you the height you prefer, from a 2-inch lift to 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch lift.


We take care of both you and your vehicle, ensuring that all our lift kits are safely and securely installed with meticulous attention to detail.


Port Phillip Automotive is known for our outstanding customer service, always putting the customer’s needs first and supporting you with expert advice

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I was down the peninsula visiting family when my car wouldn’t start one evening. Chris from Port Phillip Automotive came and checked out the car within 20 minutes, found the problem quickly and the next day had fixed it for me. Fast, reliable and great service

Daniel Kouvaras

Have been through many different mechanics over the years. Chris and Port Phillip Automotive have been the best by far. An honest company that cares about their customers and always does a great job. Will definitely continue to use their services.

Kevin Sharpe

My Nissan Patrol kept having engine check light come on and it would constantly go into limp mode. The car had logged several codes and Nissan told me that the car would cost approx $6000 to repair. I got a second opinion through Chris, and within 3-4 minutes he found my supposed $6000 issue, it turns it out was a loose fuel line and it was a simple fix with a $1 hose clamp. Very happy with the outcome!

Truckie 86

Chris has helped me with my car many times before, always quick to figure out any problems, honest and upfront with pricing and what it will take to get things fixed up. Always good to know you can call him and get any issues sorted out quickly and get back on the road.
Thanks mate

Lochie Sheridan

I drive a 2017 Mazda 3. My car has been serviced by Port Phillip Automotive ever since it was brand new.
I have complete trust in Chris to maintain my car, his honesty and professionalism is why I prefer PPA.
I recommend Chris to take care of all my friends and colleagues cars knowing they will feel as pleased as I do.

Shelley Smith

Chris has been amazing to deal with, very prompt , reliable, friendly , helpful and fairly priced, He looks after our trucks and machinery and also our personal cars and bikes, i highly recommend the team at port Phillip automotive,

harley thomson