At the heart of your car is your engine, and if your engine is not firing properly, then your car is not driving as it should. Today’s modern engines are extremely complicated but also exceptionally well-engineered and should only be repaired by experienced mechanics.


Most of the engine issues with new cars result from a part failure. It could be a faulty spark plug, a hose or a cracked valve, causing your engine to misfire, go into limp mode or not start.

The mechanics at Port Phillip Automotive have state-of-the-art diagnostic software that will allow us to connect directly to your car’s computers to isolate issues.

We are also experts at repairing complicated engine issues such as fuel system issues and cracked cylinder heads. If your engine is beyond repair, we can assist with refurbished or replacmen engines.

  • Engine Diagnosics

  • Fuel Injectors and Filters

  • Oil Pressure Pump & Filters

  • Cylinder Heads

  • Camshafts

  • Engine Blocks

  • Crankshaft

  • Timing Belts

  • Starter Motor Issues

  • ECU re-mapping

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    When The Engine Is Dead

    Occasionally, there might be a scenario where your car’s engine is beyond repair. While this happens typically with older cars, sometimes newish vehicles can also have major engine failure.

    Port Phillip Automotive offers a new engine replacement direct from the manufacturer. We can also provide refurbished or pre-driven engines, normally from a wrecker.



    At Port Phillip Automotive, no one understands better than us how critical a healthy engine is to your car’s functioning. The engine is the heart of your vehicle, the central power source, and must be in prime condition for you to get the very best out of your driving experience, no matter what car you drive. We provide premium parts for modern engines, engine oils and quality service from an experienced team of mechanics


    Today’s car engines are designed with sheer sophistication, as automotive technology and digitally enhanced engineering methods have evolved to produce the world’s greatest cars. In keeping with this trend, it is highly advisable to seek assistance from a skilled team of specialists with vast experience when it comes to getting your engine fixed or replaced. As the lifeblood of your car, you should only entrust your engine to an automotive company that is up to date with leading, worldwide engineering techniques and engine construction.

    Most engine repairs stem from a list of potential problems, including part engine failure, a cracked valve, a faulty spark plug, or fuel system issues. These problems can range from surface issues to deeper complications that can cause your engine to go into limp mode, misfire or refuse to start at all, and when you need to get somewhere, engine failure is the last thing you need.

    Port Phillip Automotive is a trusted mechanic in the Rosebud community with state-of-the-art diagnostic software that helps us to identify any engine issues in your care with precision. Depending on how serious the damage is, once diagnosed, we can get to work on repairing, rebuilding or replacing your engine for optimum driving performance.


    • Experienced mechanics
    • Trustworthy service
    • Dependable advice
    • Fast turnaround
    • Best price on engine oils and oil pressure pump & filters
    • High-quality parts and engine rebuilds


    • Full Engine Diagnostics
    • Assessment & Installation of Oil Pressure Pump & Filters
    • New Fuel Injectors and Filters
    • Replacement of Engine Oils
    • Engine Blocks
    • Cylinder Heads & Camshafts
    • ECU remapping
    • Crankshaft
    • Assistance with Starter Motor Issues
    • Repair or Replacement of Timing Belts


    While engine problems in your car are not to be taken lightly, there is no need to drive with a constant fear of something possibly going wrong. The only time you need to worry is when real symptoms of engine issues surface. The first sign of this will be if the engine light is illuminated. If you want to maintain the best performance ability of your vehicle, no matter what make or model it is or how old or new it is, you can perform a quick self-diagnosis to make the right decision about when to book an engine service at a mechanic near you.

    Get your engine inspected by a professional mechanic if you notice any of the following:

    • The car engine light is on
    • There is a knocking sound from the bonnet
    • The engine is stalling
    • Your car is losing power while driving
    • Strange odours inside the car
    • Oil patches
    • The engine runs roughly and inconsistently
    • Higher fuel consumption
    • Smoke from the exhaust

    These problems could be related to a number of deeper issues, which our expert mechanics at Port Phillip Automotive will be able to diagnose with our latest software and diagnostic tools before successfully repairing or replacing your engine to get you back on the road safely.


    Cars that are very old are typically more likely to experience engine failure. However, from our experience, we are aware that even later-model cars can sometimes suffer severe engine damage that is beyond repair. If you try to start your car and the engine is dead, it probably means that the engine is at the end of its life cycle and requires a rebuild or brand-new replacement.

    Our sterling mechanics at Port Phillip Automotive will ensure that you receive a new engine directly from the manufacturer. If your budget does not allow a total replacement, we can also provide quality refurbished or pre-owned engines. Whatever your choice, you can trust our team for reliable, honest service.

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    I was down the peninsula visiting family when my car wouldn’t start one evening. Chris from Port Phillip Automotive came and checked out the car within 20 minutes, found the problem quickly and the next day had fixed it for me. Fast, reliable and great service

    Daniel Kouvaras

    Have been through many different mechanics over the years. Chris and Port Phillip Automotive have been the best by far. An honest company that cares about their customers and always does a great job. Will definitely continue to use their services.

    Kevin Sharpe

    My Nissan Patrol kept having engine check light come on and it would constantly go into limp mode. The car had logged several codes and Nissan told me that the car would cost approx $6000 to repair. I got a second opinion through Chris, and within 3-4 minutes he found my supposed $6000 issue, it turns it out was a loose fuel line and it was a simple fix with a $1 hose clamp. Very happy with the outcome!

    Truckie 86

    Chris has helped me with my car many times before, always quick to figure out any problems, honest and upfront with pricing and what it will take to get things fixed up. Always good to know you can call him and get any issues sorted out quickly and get back on the road.
    Thanks mate

    Lochie Sheridan

    I drive a 2017 Mazda 3. My car has been serviced by Port Phillip Automotive ever since it was brand new.
    I have complete trust in Chris to maintain my car, his honesty and professionalism is why I prefer PPA.
    I recommend Chris to take care of all my friends and colleagues cars knowing they will feel as pleased as I do.

    Shelley Smith

    Chris has been amazing to deal with, very prompt , reliable, friendly , helpful and fairly priced, He looks after our trucks and machinery and also our personal cars and bikes, i highly recommend the team at port Phillip automotive,

    harley thomson