The team at Port Phillip Automotive are experts in diagnosing and repairing any transmission problems for new and old cars.


We have first-hand worked on almost every make of car and understand how the transmissions differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. This experience ensures we are experts at locating and repairing any transmission problems.

Transmissions are one of the most complex parts of your car to diagnose and repair. One of the most common transmission issues we see at our garage is cars slipping gears or making a grinding noise. This can be caused by something as simple as your transmission fluid needing flushing or might be a deeper internal transmission issue.

If your car has a manual transmission, we can also provide clutch servicing, repairs and replacement for all makes and models.

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    Transmission failure

    Transmission failure

    If your car seems to hold gears for too long, changing up and down without need, or you notice a car shutter when shifting, it might be signs that your transmission might need to be rebuilt or replaced.

    A rebuilt transmission involves removing the transmission from the car, disassembling it, replacing worn-out parts, reassembling it, and then reinstalling it where a transmission replacement can be either a brand new transmission, a transmission that has been refurbished or a transmission from a wrecker that’s virtually brand new.

    Having repaired both automatic and manual transmissions, including clutch replacement, we can ensure your car’s transmission problem is repaired or replaced and operating as normal.

    Aftermarket Transmission Coolers

    If your car is used to tow heavy loads regularly, you might not realise you are placing excess stress on your automatic transmission.  While most cars and utes have a maximum towing capacity, a lot of the time, your transmission cooling system isn’t matched to that maximum towing capacity and can result in overheating.

    Automatic transmission cooling upgrades are highly recommended to anyone towing large loads such as trailers and caravans.  An upgraded system will help protect your transmission from overheating and improve towing.

    Transmission Coolers



    Stay in gear with Port Phillip Automotive’s transmission repairs and services. We are able to take on transmission issues on any make or model, and we keep our transmission service costs at reasonable rates so you can manage safer driving easily.


    At Port Phillip Automotive, we have a competent team of transmission mechanics that can diagnose and repair any gear or torque-related issues on your vehicle. We have worked on almost all models, new and old, so your car will be in safe hands with us.

    We understand the unique composition and mechanical workings of transmission systems in almost every make of car, from manufacturer to manufacturer. Through years of experience, we’ve gained the ability and confidence to diagnose and repair all transmission problems successfully with expertise that is hard to find elsewhere.

    If you experience a problem with your gears, such as slipping between gear shifts or a grinding noise, our team will be able to tell you if the problem is related to the transmission fluid or a more serious internal issue. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission system in your vehicle, there is no need for concern because Port Phillip Automotive has the know-how to deal with both types efficiently. We provide clutch servicing, repairs and replacement for all makes and models.


    Transmission failure on a vehicle can set you back significantly, so at Port Phillip Automotive, we advise our clients to get the gears checked at frequent intervals and especially at the first sign of any damage. When transmission problems start to creep in, you may notice that your car will hold gears for too long, the gears will no longer shift easily, and the transmission may change up and down when it’s not necessary. These could all be indications that your car is in need of transmission repair or replacement.

    In very serious cases where the damage is deeply ingrained, your car may require a complete transmission rebuild. In this case, our mechanics at Port Phillip Automotive in Rosebud will remove and disassemble the gearbox or transmission system, replace worn-out parts with quality parts suitable for your make of car, and then reassemble and reinstall the new system. Our goal is to have you back on the road in no time, driving with ease and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


    Some vehicles undergo more wear and tear than others because they are used more frequently or for heavy loads. If you are driving a heavy-duty vehicle to tow larger-than-average roads on a regular basis, this activity will place excess stress on your car’s transmission. Most cars, trucks or utes will have a maximum towing capacity, and it’s important to adhere to this recommendation for maximum safety and longevity of your vehicle. Each vehicle also has a transmission cooling system to help counter the effect of excess stress, but if this is not matched accurately to your maximum towing capacity, your car can overheat, leading to a further need for transmission repair.

    Are you are doing heavy loads with your vehicle? We recommend getting a transmission service done. Our team can assist you with automatic transmission cooling upgrades, which help to protect transmission systems on big cars, trucks and trailers from overheating. Professional attention to your transmission can also improve performance and towing efficiency.


    • Difficulty changing gears
    • Slipping gears
    • A burning smell
    • Grinding or shaking
    • Leaking fluid


    In addition to regular services, you should book a transmission service if you notice any of the above warning signs. Our knowledgeable, friendly mechanics at Port Phillip Automotive will assess the problem and conduct transmission repairs or replacements if needed. We keep our transmission service costs down to accommodate your needs because your safety is what matters most.

    Our services include:

    • Automatic & manual transmission repairs
    • Gearbox rebuild
    • Transmission fluid inspection
    • Reconditioning
    • Torque converters
    • Clutches
    • Differentials
    • Gearbox parts


    • Latest diagnostic equipment
    • Positive customer experience
    • Qualified, accredited mechanics in Mornington
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    I was down the peninsula visiting family when my car wouldn’t start one evening. Chris from Port Phillip Automotive came and checked out the car within 20 minutes, found the problem quickly and the next day had fixed it for me. Fast, reliable and great service

    Daniel Kouvaras

    Have been through many different mechanics over the years. Chris and Port Phillip Automotive have been the best by far. An honest company that cares about their customers and always does a great job. Will definitely continue to use their services.

    Kevin Sharpe

    My Nissan Patrol kept having engine check light come on and it would constantly go into limp mode. The car had logged several codes and Nissan told me that the car would cost approx $6000 to repair. I got a second opinion through Chris, and within 3-4 minutes he found my supposed $6000 issue, it turns it out was a loose fuel line and it was a simple fix with a $1 hose clamp. Very happy with the outcome!

    Truckie 86

    Chris has helped me with my car many times before, always quick to figure out any problems, honest and upfront with pricing and what it will take to get things fixed up. Always good to know you can call him and get any issues sorted out quickly and get back on the road.
    Thanks mate

    Lochie Sheridan

    I drive a 2017 Mazda 3. My car has been serviced by Port Phillip Automotive ever since it was brand new.
    I have complete trust in Chris to maintain my car, his honesty and professionalism is why I prefer PPA.
    I recommend Chris to take care of all my friends and colleagues cars knowing they will feel as pleased as I do.

    Shelley Smith

    Chris has been amazing to deal with, very prompt , reliable, friendly , helpful and fairly priced, He looks after our trucks and machinery and also our personal cars and bikes, i highly recommend the team at port Phillip automotive,

    harley thomson