Exhausts and Mufflers

Your car’s muffler and exhaust systems lifespan can be anywhere from 3 years to 10 years. However, this can vary depending on driving style, environmental factors and type of exhaust setup.

Exhausts and Mufflers

You might not realise just how loud a car’s exhaust system is, which is why a muffler is used to cancel out the sound. Your car’s muffler reduces the noise level and controls the engine back pressure. If your vehicle’s muffler or exhaust has a hole or crack,  you will notice a louder than normal driving experience. These cracks and holes can also cause a carbon monoxide leak, so it’s essential to repair your muffler or exhaust system quickly.

The first signs that you may have a muffler or exhaust issue is a grumbling or dull tone when accelerating. This noise is caused by a muffler or exhaust manifold crack. Most of the time, this can be easily repaired; however, depending on the age or car or exhaust system condition, it can be better to replace the system.

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    Exhausts and Mufflers

    Catalytic Converter experts

    Another exhaust system issue is problems with the catalytic converter, which plays a vital role in a car’s exhaust system. If your catalytic converter begins to fail, you will hear loud sounds similar to shaking a metal box filled with coins while your vehicle is idle. You may also notice your check engine light is illuminated.

    Port Phillip Automotive offer catalytic converter inspections, repair and replacement, working with all makes and models of vehicles.


    You can increase your car’s life span with a healthy exhaust and muffler setup. We can help at Port Phillip Automotive because we have the best mechanics in Rosebud who are experienced in all matters related to car exhausts.


    Most people love their cars, but we often overlook the importance of the exhaust. That’s understandable ‒ we just want to get to our destination on time and in one piece, right? Travelling through the Mornington Peninsula can be pure bliss with our beautiful natural surroundings, but driving safely and carefully is of the utmost importance for you and your vehicle. If you notice any strange sounds or changes in fuel efficiency, it could be an exhaust problem.

    Your car’s fumes are created during combustion in the engine, but if these fumes seeped into the car cabin, you would suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. This is where the exhaust comes in. The exhaust system of a vehicle is designed to keep harmful gases away from the engine and out of the cabin.


    Experience better performance and reduced exhaust pollution. Contact us today if you suspect damage to your exhaust or muffler.


    • Exhaust manifold
    • Catalytic converter pipes
    • Muffler

    The exhaust manifold collects the expelled fumes from the engine and sends them to the catalytic converter, where they are further converted into fuel that was not combusted in the engine. The final exit point is the muffler, and the fumes escape into the air through the tailpipe. You may not realise how loud your car’s exhaust is because it’s the job of the muffler to reduce the sound of the exhaust system as it works hard to protect you during your motoring experience. A really good exhaust will also reduce carbon emissions.


    If you really want to get the most value out of your vehicle, it helps to be able to identify the warning signs that tell you when exhaust repairs are needed. If your exhaust system sounds louder than normal, it could mean that your muffler is damaged and requires professional attention. Difficulty with acceleration and sudden changes in your car’s fuel consumption are also signs of exhaust damage. However, the best way to maintain good exhaust and muffler health is by taking your car in for regular checks at the mechanic.

    When to take your car to the nearest mechanic in Rosebud:

    • Strange noises
    • Problems with acceleration
    • Abnormal fuel consumption
    • Intense driving over long periods
    • The ‘check engine’ light is on
    • Polluting emissions or darker smoke


    Exhaust and muffler problems should never be overlooked or delayed, as a leak in exhaust fumes can be detrimental to your health and that of your passengers. At Port Phillip Automotive in Mornington Peninsula, we are mechanics who care, and we want our customers to get the most joy out of driving their cars with optimum safety and road compliance.

    We also specialise in catalytic converter repairs, which not all mechanics in Rosebud can offer with the same level of skill and expertise. Our team has years of experience with all aspects of exhaust systems. Signs of your catalytic converter beginning to fail include loud sounds similar to coins tumbling into a metal box while your car idles. You may also notice your ‘check engine’ light is illuminated. Contact Port Phillip Automotive immediately if you experience any of these problems and bring your car to us for comprehensive inspections, repair and replacement on vehicle makes and models.


    Why jeopardise your and your loved ones’ safety? Say goodbye to all exhaust problems and allow our mechanics at Port Phillip Automotive to give your vehicle’s exhaust system the full treatment.


    Your car’s exhaust system can give you an excellent run from anywhere between three to ten years, but only if the vehicle is maintained well and serviced at the correct intervals. Don’t wait for a serious problem to emerge because the damage could be lasting and will result in unnecessary costs. You can save hundreds of dollars and much of your precious time by having your exhaust and muffler checked regularly by a professional. Here are some professional tips from our expert mechanics on how to maintain a good exhaust in your car:

    • Get your exhaust examined by a professional mechanic every 20 000 km
    • Book your car in for a service at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals
    • Never allow anyone to repair or replace your exhaust unless they are a qualified, accredited mechanic with years of experience
    • Pay attention to the warning signs of a damaged exhaust and take your car to the mechanic at the first instance of a problem
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    I was down the peninsula visiting family when my car wouldn’t start one evening. Chris from Port Phillip Automotive came and checked out the car within 20 minutes, found the problem quickly and the next day had fixed it for me. Fast, reliable and great service

    Daniel Kouvaras

    Have been through many different mechanics over the years. Chris and Port Phillip Automotive have been the best by far. An honest company that cares about their customers and always does a great job. Will definitely continue to use their services.

    Kevin Sharpe

    My Nissan Patrol kept having engine check light come on and it would constantly go into limp mode. The car had logged several codes and Nissan told me that the car would cost approx $6000 to repair. I got a second opinion through Chris, and within 3-4 minutes he found my supposed $6000 issue, it turns it out was a loose fuel line and it was a simple fix with a $1 hose clamp. Very happy with the outcome!

    Truckie 86

    Chris has helped me with my car many times before, always quick to figure out any problems, honest and upfront with pricing and what it will take to get things fixed up. Always good to know you can call him and get any issues sorted out quickly and get back on the road.
    Thanks mate

    Lochie Sheridan

    I drive a 2017 Mazda 3. My car has been serviced by Port Phillip Automotive ever since it was brand new.
    I have complete trust in Chris to maintain my car, his honesty and professionalism is why I prefer PPA.
    I recommend Chris to take care of all my friends and colleagues cars knowing they will feel as pleased as I do.

    Shelley Smith

    Chris has been amazing to deal with, very prompt , reliable, friendly , helpful and fairly priced, He looks after our trucks and machinery and also our personal cars and bikes, i highly recommend the team at port Phillip automotive,

    harley thomson