A professional car service performed regularly is essential to keeping your vehicle running at its best. It will not only save on fuel consumption and boost performance, but it will also ensure your road safety.

From routine maintenance to complex repairs, skilled technicians can provide expert care to ensure safety, performance, and longevity of both the vehicle and the driver. Entrust your car to a professional service mechanic for peace of mind on the road.

Here are some useful tips from our expert mechanics at Port Phillip Automotive to guide you when booking your next car service in Mornington.

Brake and Battery Checks

At least once a year, you should have an all-around safety check conducted on your vehicle’s brakes. Let a professional mechanic inspect and adjust your suspension to keep your car well-maintained and hazard-free. Faulty brakes can lead to terrible accidents on the road, which will affect not only you but other motorists as well. Avoid high insurance costs and damage control by performing regular services to keep your brakes in excellent working order.

A professional service will also include a battery check so that you don’t break down on the highway, which can be extremely dangerous, especially at night when you’re most vulnerable. A neglected battery could lead to your car shutting down or refusing to start when you least expect it, so it’s best to have an expert look at this beforehand.

Car Belts & Tyres

When you get a car service in Mornington, be sure to ask the mechanic to have a look at your vehicle belts, including the fan belt, timing belt, power steering and drive belt. Over time, these can snap, which will lead to even more damage to your car’s engine.

Every 60,000 kilometers these belts need to be checked and replaced in the case of damage or overuse. Regular maintenance will go a long way toward preventing accidents and long-term unwanted costs.

Another important feature when it comes to safety is the vehicle’s tyres. Every service should involve a tyre check to make sure they have enough life in them to give you good road traction. Tyre rotation should be done every 15 000 km.

Engine & Transmission Inspections

Regular vehicle maintenance can prevent numerous significant automotive issues, including those impacting the engine and transmission. You can find out the recommended frequency for these checks by referring to your owner’s manual or visiting a reliable car service mechanic in Mornington.

Simple yet essential services like oil changes and fluid inspections play a crucial role in enhancing your vehicle’s lifespan, so don’t delay. Put safety first and have your engine and transmission functions thoroughly checked by an expert service mechanic to keep your car roadworthy.

Do you need a car service in Mornington? Now that you are well-equipped with all the main reasons to have regular car servicing for your safety, it’s time to book a service with a trusted mechanic like Port Phillip Automotive. Book your service today by calling us at 0421 731 806.