If you’ve been driving your car for a while now and you’ve reached the required distance for a service, it’s time to find mechanics in Mornington that you can trust to get the job done professionally.

You may also start to notice a slight decline in your car’s performance, such as a change in the brakes, a few electrical snags or signs that your oil filter needs a change. This is all the more reason to book your service without any further delay.

If you’re in the Mornington Peninsula, here are the most compelling reasons why our mechanics at Port Phillip Automotive are simply the best for your car’s service.

Family Owned

Your car is your means of survival. It’s how you get to work, to the grocery store, to the doctor, family outings, and so much more. With such a high dependency on your car and considering the amount of money you’ve already invested into owning it, you should get it serviced by people who will value it as much as you do.

Port Phillip Automotive is a family-owned and run business in Mornington, so our mechanics treat each car like their own. We will give your vehicle our undivided attention and provide the best service.

Over 15 Years in the Business

You won’t find Mornington mechanics with our level of experience in a hurry. We are proud to have been in the business for over 15 years, which makes us exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of car services to be able to deliver premium quality to our customers.

Our mechanics are highly skilled and have enough insight to be able to diagnose problems correctly in your car and pinpoint exactly what can be repaired and which parts need replacement. This way, we can save you time and money on your car service.

We Service All Makes and Models

When having your car serviced, it’s crucial to have a team that knows the requirements and inner workings of your vehicle’s particular model. Our Mornigton mechanics can service all makes and models, bringing a wealth of experience and inside knowledge to each job. From old cars to new cars and even European makes, we can provide a meticulous service based on years of expertise and a keen eye for detail.

Accredited Log Book Service Mechanics

In order for you to keep the warranty on your car, it must be serviced by an accredited log book service mechanic, and this is another reason why Port Phillip Automotive is a prime choice. Our Mornington mechanics are all highly qualified to perform log book services on all types of vehicles. With us, you can be sure that your car’s next service will fulfil all the requirements set out in your car manual, and you’ll be on your way to happy, safe driving.

Due for a car service? Choose the best Mornington mechanics for the upkeep of your vehicle and get the most out of your investment. Contact Port Phillip Automotive for quality servicing that leads to longer days of pleasurable driving.